FTP, which is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol, is the most popular way to transfer website content to a hosting account. Using an FTP client that is installed on your desktop PC or laptop, you can make a connection to your website hosting server and copy all the web files that you want with a few clicks. This is done using a simple-to-navigate graphical interface and it is as simple as dragging and dropping the aforementioned files. The advantage of using File Transfer Protocol is the fact that you’ll be able to create several accounts, each with a different level of access to your online storage space, so if you must grant someone access, for instance – a designer, they’ll be able to access only one particular directory and won’t be able to access the remaining content or any other information, including private details. Three prerequisites are required to be able to connect via FTP – a hostname, which is usually an IP address or a domain, a user name and a password.

FTP Accounts in Cloud Web Hosting

Any of the cloud web hosting packages offered by our company will enable you to set up an unlimited number of FTP accounts, so you’ll be able to administer the content of your websites independently or to give other persons access to any site in your website hosting account. In case you have a web design app installed on your computer, you will be able to maintain multiple sites at the same time and to keep them updated with no effort. If you give the login info to another person to do a given task, you’ll be able to change the password for that FTP account or to delete it altogether with just a few mouse clicks and avoid any chance of unsolicited access to your content in the future. For convenience’s sake, all FTP accounts that you set up will be displayed in alphabetical order in the corresponding section of your Hepsia Control Panel.

FTP Accounts in Semi-dedicated Servers

You will be able to connect to your semi-dedicated server account via FTP regardless of the semi-dedicated server package that you have picked upon registration, as the FTP access is one of the standard features that you will get. All our packages include an unlimited FTP account quota, so you will be able to set up as many accounts as you need through the Hepsia hosting Control Panel with which you’ll be able to administer your web content as well. All the accounts will be shown alphabetically in the Control Panel and if you don’t require a certain account any longer, you can simply remove it and prevent individuals who have used it previously from accessing it again. The latter option is particularly handy if you use the services of a web developer or if an IT expert quits the company and you do not want them to access the website files anymore. An in-depth Help section that includes video tutorials will help you manage your FTP accounts in case you do not possess prior experience.

FTP Accounts in VPS Servers

If you open a VPS hosting plans with us and select any of the 3 hosting Control Panels that we’re offering – cPanel, Hepsia or DirectAdmin, an FTP server will be installed on your virtual machine, since it’s an integral part of the standard software package that comes with all Virtual Private Servers ordered with a Control Panel. This will enable you to create as many FTP accounts as you like and to indicate the directory that each one of them can connect to. If you want, you can even create separate FTP accounts for the very same domain and give a number of individuals their very own personal log-in details to connect to the website content. Each of the 3 Control Panels will provide you with the option to create, to edit or to delete an FTP account in several easy steps and with less than a couple of clicks of the mouse, so even in case you do not have previous experience, you will be able to manage an account without hassle.